Holistic Moms Network

Holistic Moms Network — Monmouth County (East) Chapter

The Holistic Moms Network™ is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization connecting parents who are interested in holistic health and green living. We encourage moms to trust their instincts, parent from the heart, use their innate sense of what is best for their children, live in balance with the Earth, and learn about the pros and cons of all healthcare and parenting options.Living healthy and living green is not an endpoint, but an ongoing journey. No matter where you are on your parenting or holistic living journey, you are welcome at HMN! We are a diverse and open-minded community, a place where your choices are respected and where you can learn and become informed! Many of us are new to this journey, others more experienced. Wherever you are, you can benefit from the wisdom, support, and resources that Holistic Moms have to offer!

The Holistic Moms Network has a very diverse membership of people who are passionate about holistic health and green living. Among our membership are dads, expectant parents, future parents, grandparents, and wellness practitioners.

We welcome individuals who share an interest in holistic living and parenting into all of our communities, no matter where you are on your holistic journey. You may just be getting started or have been on a holistic path for many years.

* All are welcome. You can attend 2 HMN events without being a member, then we ask that you sign up and join us and gain the benefits of membership.

Learn more at www.holisticmoms.org or at our chapter Facebook page.

Monmouth County, NJ

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